Bring your best face forward to online, hybrid or in-person learning

Bring your best face forward to online, hybrid or in-person learning

There are a lot of stressful unknowns and changes to what school will look like this winter. Whether your classroom is fully online, hybrid or in-person, we want to help you put your best face forward without the added stress of acne.  Acne affects up to 90% of adolescents, and even though almost everyone experiences it, it still causes social embarrassment and can be emotionally devastating.  


The key to treating acne is to determine what kind of acne you have and attack it accordingly.   Acne treatments are not “one size fits all,” and we can help you determine what treatments will help treat your acne.  


If you suffer from blackheads or whiteheads that are superficial and non-painful but can give the skin a rough appearance, retinoids are an excellent treatment option.  Differin 0.1% gel is an over-the-counter option that can help treat these types of bumps. If you have small reddish pimples in addition to blackheads and whiteheads, using a pea-sized amount of NMD Advanced Medicated Acne Spot Treatment smoothed over the face at night can work wonders.  This is a nice product because along with 5% benzoyl peroxide, it also has glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells/sebum, arnica, calendula and other soothing extracts to reduce inflammation and dryness. But you must have patience because it can take up to 2 months of consistent use to see results.  


Salicylic acid (SA) is another popular acne treatment.  SA alone may not be strong enough to manage acne, but I love it as an add-on treatment for active teens in a pad format.  NMD Advanced Clarifying Acne Pads are great for on-the-go cleansing of skin after gym class or sports practice.  This helps to minimize the pore clogging substances and bacteria sitting on your skin waiting to cause acne.  


If you suffer from red, superficial bumps and splotches on the face, chest, and back that seem to come on suddenly and can eventually turn into pustules, then using a benzoyl peroxide (BP) wash to target these areas is the way to go. Our NMD Medicated Acne Wash, a 10% BP cleanser with aloe, works well because it allows you to use a potent, effective benzoyl peroxide with gentle aloe to cut down the dryness factor that goes along with using BP.  Start with this wash for the face, chest, and back in the shower, and use SA pads immediately after workouts and heavy sweating.


If your acne is still not improving, it’s best to visit with a dermatology provider to determine the next course of action.  Also, if you have deep, painful lumps under the skin that take weeks to go away, and when they do, they leave you with scars or marks, this type of acne is best treated with prescription medication by a dermatology specialist.  


I hope these tips come in handy.  When in doubt, we’d love to visit with you in-person or virtually to address your concerns.


By: Devi Chettiar, PA-C

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