Don’t forget your lips

Don’t forget your lips

Are your lips lacking the care they need? Lips are often neglected in our skin care and beauty routine, but they need special treatment to keep them healthy and moisturized. If your lips are feeling dried out and in need of some TLC, follow these simple tips to keep them hydrated all year long.


1. Be sure to exfoliate. A sugar scrub, like our Skin Wise Organics Restorative Lip Scrub, is perfect for ridding your lips of old, dry skin and leaving smooth, soft skin in its place. 


2. Stay hydrated! Not drinking enough water is often a simple cause of dry lips. Making sure you drink enough water throughout the day will ensure your lips stay full and hydrated, while keeping you healthy. 


3. Make sure you remove your makeup before bed. We all know that removing makeup before bed is a key step in our skincare routine, and that should include our lips too. Make sure you use a gentle makeup remover to rid your lips of any product before your head hits the pillow. 


4. Remember that your lips need sunscreen too! Even throughout the winter, you should be applying protection to your lips to prevent them from burning and chapping. Use a lip balm with UVA/UVB protection throughout the day to make sure your lips stay safe from the elements. 


Although lips often get overlooked in our skin care routine, it’s time to give them the proper treatment they deserve. Follow these tips, and you’ll be seeing hydrated, supple lips in no time!

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