Now offering telemedicine visits & virtual skin care consultations at NMD!

Now offering telemedicine visits & virtual skin care consultations at NMD!

At North Metro Dermatology, we want everyone to be able to access quality dermatology care, conveniently and safely. Given the COVID-19 pandemic and back-to-school craziness, we are excited to offer telemedicine appointments for new and existing patients! Whether you are looking to have your acne treated or a new rash evaluated, telemedicine will provide a timely, convenient service without a delay in diagnosis or treatment. With most insurance companies covering telemedicine visits, you can now easily schedule an appointment from the comfort of your home and have prescriptions sent directly to your pharmacy. 


Why should I schedule a telemedicine visit?

With the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine has become a necessity for many medical practices to continue to provide safe, yet effective, care for patients. If you feel more comfortable being evaluated from home, we want to be able to provide care for you! 


Can all skin concerns be addressed with telemedicine?

Telemedicine appointments can be used for evaluation or follow-up of acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, rashes, vitiligo, as well as prescription management (such as isotretinoin monitoring or refill requests), and other conditions. 

Certain conditions, including evaluating new growths, changing moles, other lumps or bumps, as well as skin cancer screening,  usually require an in-office visit to ensure quality of care. Although telemedicine may be more convenient, in-office visits are usually preferred to evaluate growths and perform skin exams.  In-office are provided in a safe, hygienic environment to minimize the spread of COVID-19. We follow strict precautions in the clinic in accordance with CDC guidelines and MN Department of Health.  


Is telemedicine covered by insurance?

Most insurance companies are covering telemedicine visits.  Contact your insurance company if you have any questions regarding insurance coverage. For telemedicine visits not covered by insurance, the cost is $125 for new patient visits and $75 for established patient visits.


Is the telemedicine platform secure, and is my information kept confidential?

Our telemedicine platform is secure.  Your personal health information and any photographs that you upload or submit to us via the telemedicine platform is kept confidential. 


Can I schedule a telemedicine visit for a cosmetic consultation?

Our telemedicine platform will gladly offer virtual skin care consultations.  These consultations provide an option to discuss overall skin health concerns with our esthetician and review options for products and procedures to help achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful skin. Following these online consultations, our staff can help to coordinate in-office treatments with our esthetician. These consultations are not billed to insurance and cost $75.  This cost can then be applied to sales of products or procedures booked with the esthetician.


If you are interested in what virtual visits can do for you, contact our office to schedule your telemedicine visit or virtual skin care consultation.

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