How to Remove Eye Makeup

Rubbing of the delicate eye area can contribute to wrinkling around the eyes. The friction not only stretches the skin but can cause dryness and irritation, triggering inflammation that leads to wrinkling. It’s important to effectively remove eye makeup but it should be done the right way.

How to remove eye makeup

A gentle facial cleanser is fine to cleanse the eye area, but this is generally not effective to remove eye makeup. If you wear eye makeup, then you need a dedicated cleanser to remove it and eye makeup remover does just that. Eye makeup remover will reduce the amount of rubbing that is needed with a regular cleanser. This is because eye makeup remover is designed to work with a cotton pad to lift eye makeup with ease. When used as directed, the cotton pad will reduce the back-and-forth or seesaw-like motion involved with your regular cleanser and fingertips. A cotton pad saturated with eye makeup remover should be gently pressed against the eyelids to blot away eye makeup. A gently sweeping motion is acceptable but this should follow the blotting (think of the blotting motion to loosen the makeup). For an eco-friendly option, use reusable cotton pads such as Skin Wise Organics Reusable Cotton Rounds. Follow usage of an oil-based eye makeup remover with a gentle facial cleanser to remove any residual oil or film that oil-based formulas tend to leave behind (this will help reduce white bumps known as milia). Better yet, use an oil-free eye makeup remover such as Skin Wise Clinical Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. If you don’t have watery eyes and aren’t planning to cry, then swap out your waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Not only do the additional binders in waterproof formulas make removal more challenging, but they can also cause skin irritation.

Finishing touches

Last but not least, nourish the delicate skin around your eyes with a rich eye cream. We love Skin Wise Clinical Firming Retinol Eye Repair for a firming effect with gentle exfoliation, and Skin Wise Clinical Brightening Peptide Eye Cream for brightening of dark circles and depuffing of eye bags. 

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