Protecting your scalp from the sun

When it starts getting warmer, most of us are conscious about using sunscreen to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays. But many people forget to protect their scalp, which is prone to sun damage. For some of us, the scalp is the last place we would think to use sunscreen. But it is crucial to start incorporating that into your skin care routine.


Why is sun damage particularly harmful to your scalp?

While it may seem like a small part of your skin to make such a fuss over, skin cancers can grow on the scalp, too. Many times, this can result due to sunburns involving our hair parts or in areas where we have thinning hair.  But sometimes, genetics and other factors can play a role in the development of skin cancers on the scalp.  This is all the more reason to take precautions to protect the scalp from sunburn and to monitor for signs of any skin changes.


Skin cancers and melanoma that occur on the scalp are also a big concern because people don’t often check their scalp which can lead to a delay in diagnosis. Although all parts of your body are subject to this risk, continuous sun exposure on your scalp without protection can lead to a heightened risk of skin cancer. While wearing a hat can definitely help, using sunscreen on your scalp when you can’t cover your part is a great option.


If you want to start protecting your scalp but hate the greasy residue that comes with using sunscreen on your part, give our Transparent Mineral Powder Sunscreen a try. Using a mineral powder sunscreen will protect this sensitive part of your scalp without leaving residue on your hair.  


As the spring and summer months begin to approach, remember to protect your scalp with sunscreen! 

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