The hard truth about sagging skin

If there was a magic potion that significantly improved sagging skin, we would be all over it!  Why would any of us subject ourselves to painful and expensive procedures if a cream or serum could do the trick? The answer is a bit complicated.

“Sagging skin” refers to the loss of elastin and collagen in our skin, and it can often look different per individual and can impact different areas of the body. This is one major reason why a treatment may work great for one person, and another person may see little or no benefit. We can see thin, crepey skin on the neck and hands, or sagging, prominent jowls – the point is that our skin can manifest aging in many ways!  And yet, we often run to the store or medi-spa to try the latest, greatest “anti-aging” creams or serums in the hopes that we can reverse or prevent the signs of aging. But, it’s not that simple…

The fact is that most anti-aging treatments often work best as a combination approach.  First and foremost, sunscreen with at least SPF 30 is a must. Topical retinoid products such as tretinoin or Retin-A® creams are FDA-approved as a treatment option for aging skin; yet, the biggest benefit of these creams for sagging skin and mild wrinkles seems to be from a preventative standpoint.

Laser and light source treatments as well as micro-needling procedures such as SkinPen® are  often used to improve skin texture on the face and neck. However, sagging skin, particularly involving the jowls and neck, usually occurs in deeper skin structures, and the most effective non-surgical treatment is Ultherapy®.  Ultherapy® is an ultrasound-based therapy that targets the deeper skin structures to lift and tighten skin.

As we age, sagging skin can also accentuate hollows in our mid-face, and a combination approach to restoring facial balance is accomplished with dermal fillers and Ultherapy®.  The bottom line is that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to addressing aging and sagging skin.

Schedule a skin care consultation with our esthetician to learn more about products and procedures that can help you reach your aesthetic goals. We can help customize a treatment plan just for you to help you treat that sagging skin once and for all. 

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