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Jade, known as the stone of eternal youth, naturally cools and calms skin to reduce puffiness. The rolling mechanism helps products penetrate deeper into skin while also promoting lymphatic drainage and blood circulation to facilitate the removal of toxins and improve skin complexion. The roller’s dual ends allow for proper rolling coverage on different areas of the face and neck.

Recommended care:  Wash with warm water and a gentle soap.  Dry well with a soft cloth before storing.

Dye-free. | Caution: Do not use on rashes, cold sores, broken or infected skin.


On clean skin or after applying serum or moisturizer, use light to medium pressure to glide the roller back and forth 8-10 times. Store in refrigerator to enhance cooling effect. Repeat 1-2 times daily for best results.






All skin types, including sensitive skin

jade stone

9 reviews for JADE ROLLER

  1. Eva

    Quality roller. Love the small roller for the eyes.

  2. Kaiden

    Never used a roller before. Got it to help with puffiness from allergies. If actually helps if you take your time with it!

  3. Hayden

    I like using it chilled from the fridge since I think it works better when it’s cold but I’m better with remembering to use it (or less lazy about using it) if I store it by my serum (I like to use it after the serum since I like to wait a couple minutes between layering products and figure that’s a good use of time).

  4. Thompson

    Not noticing improvement. I hoped this would bring some circulation to improve my dull skin.

  5. Walker

    Small side works great set the eyes.

  6. Len

    Relaxing and helpful

  7. Maria Jerde

    I put it in ice water and it helps calm my rosacea.

  8. Reimer

    I wish I got this sooner because it worked so well for my eye bags. I use it for at least 15 minutes every morning while I watch the news.

  9. Linda Linnville

    The design operates fine but doesn’t make a difference on my skin.

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