Physician Services

Laser treatments are tailored to each patient’s individual needs using Sciton’s Erbium: YAG 2940 nm laser. Treatments fall into the following three categories:


This short-pulsed Erbium laser ablates the epidermis at precise depths in order to achieve light to medium resurfacing as treatment is limited to the epidermis (outermost layer of the skin). Treatment evens out skin tone, texture, pigment problems, and restores a healthy-looking youthful glow to the skin. This procedure is ideal for patients looking for better results than microdermabrasion or light chemical peels can offer. Patients notice a significant and immediate change in skin texture and tightness.


The ProFractionalTM laser is a “fractionated” Erbium:Yag 2940nm laser treatment that produces thousands of deep, precise, microscopic, thermal-columns into the skin without affecting any of the surrounding tissue. This reduces discomfort and shortens healing time while promoting the skin’s natural process for creating new, healthier tissue to replace the damaged cells. Fractional laser treatments with Sciton’s ProFractionalTM scanner allows the skin to heal much faster than if 100% of the entire skin surface was treated at once. This healing process stimulates collagen fibers, and skin rejuvenation occurs with minimal downtime compared to traditional laser therapies.

ProFractionalTM laser treatments can improve sun spots and age spots, uneven pigmentation, wrinkles, skin texture, and acne scars.


The most advanced and effective full-field skin resurfacing solution available. This is an aggressive procedure that literally erases wrinkles, pigmented lesions, and other skin irregularities in the epidermis and dermis. A broad range of patient needs are treatable from the subtle to the dramatic, with superior uniformity and customizable thermal effects. Primary treatments include mild to deep wrinkles, acne scars, post-traumatic and surgical scars, lax skin, poor skin tone and texture, and pigmented lesions.


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