Ellacor® is the first-and-only FDA-approved device with Micro-Coring™ technology for the treatment of wrinkles. North Metro Dermatology is the first provider in Minnesota to offer Ellacor®. Natural-looking results are achieved with minimal downtime.

Treatment uses hollow needles to remove micro-cores of skin without surgery, thermal energy, or scarring. After the skin is removed, the body’s natural healing response goes into effect and closes the cores.

Numbing cream and/or numbing injections are used to allow for a comfortable treatment.

As with most collagen remodeling treatments, full results may not be visible for 3-6 months, but many patients report an improvement of skin laxity and wrinkles within a few weeks.  Results can be long-lasting and are best maintained with a good skin care routine with sun protection.  Depending on your skin needs and goals, additional treatments may be recommended for optimal results.


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