You might ask yourself, “Do I really need one more step to my skincare routine?” Using an eye cream can feel a bit redundant when you already use a daily facial moisturizer. But the same moisturizer that you use on your face may not be appropriate for the delicate skin around your eyes.  Whether you have dark circles or fine lines, everyone can benefit from some extra eye care.  And even if you are one of the few lucky ones to have no issues with the skin around your eyes, consider using eye cream for prevention. The skin around the eyes is extremely thin, making it prone to a number of skincare issues. Once you find the right eye cream, it can provide a number of benefits. 

Our eyes are prone to puffiness for a number of reasons such as allergies, diet, sleep deprivation, and aging. Ingredients such as green tea can help reduce inflammation and decrease puffiness. Green tea helps constrict the blood vessels in this sensitive area and tighten the skin. 

Most of us suffer from dark circles at some point, but using an eye cream daily can help. Discoloration can result from stress, sun exposure, heredity factors, and more. Eye creams with vitamin C combat skin discoloration and help brighten those under-eye bags.

Our eyes naturally age faster than the rest of our face. Every time we use our eyes to squint, smile and blink, we are using the muscles of our eyes and wearing them down. The sensitive skin around our eyes can gain fine lines quickly, but consistently using an eye cream can help smooth and tighten the skin.

If your eyes are in need of some extra TLC, give our Skin Wise Clinical Brightening Peptide Eye Cream a try to brighten, hydrate, and calm your under eyes. Check out our skin care recommendation guide to help you incorporate your eye cream into your skincare routine.


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