Why You Should Use a Toner

We’re often asked if a toner (aka astringent) is necessary.  Our answer is “yes” if you want these benefits:

Cleaner Skin

The reality is that most of us are not thorough when it comes to washing our face (most cleansers should be gently manipulated on facial skin for 1 minute).  And if you wear makeup, a double cleanse may be needed for optimal cleaning.  Even if you use your cleanser as directed, it’s likely that traces of makeup and impurities are left behind. Toner can effectively remove the residual makeup and impurities, leaving your skin and pores clean.

Pro tip: Toner also works well for cleaning ears.  Many of us develop blackheads and whiteheads in our ears (increasingly more since the popularity of ear buds!).  An acne toner is best suited for ears prone to congestion, but any toner will be beneficial.

Increase Product Performance

Our skin is healthiest and balanced around a pH level of 5.  Slightly acidic skin not only keeps moisture in and bacteria out, but also allows for optimal absorption of skin care products (and optimal absorption = increased product performance).  It’s beneficial to use a toner immediately following cleansing since tap water has an approximate pH level of 7.5.  Although our skin can naturally adjust from the pH disruption, it’s not immediate, and this disruption can inhibit proper absorption of skin care products applied after cleansing.  It is especially beneficial to use toner prior to applying a vitamin C serum or other acidic product (vitamin C serums have an approximate pH level of 3).

Beneficial Ingredients

As previously mentioned, toners help facilitate penetration of ingredients following toner application, but toner itself is a great vehicle to deliver beneficial ingredients.  Toners designed for acne skin may contain glycolic acid, salicylic acid, willow bark, witch hazel, tea tree, or other extracts to combat acne.  Toners can also contain moisturizing and calming ingredients to hydrate and soothe skin.

Now that you’re convinced to use a toner, find a toner that works well for your skin and make it part or your routine.   Skin Wise Organics Purifying Botanical Toner is a great option for oily and acne-prone skin and is safe for sensitive skin.  Our Advanced Clarifying Acne Pads. also work well for oily and acne-prone skin (these presaturated toner pads are especially popular with teenagers or those on the go).  Skin Wise Organics Balancing Antioxidant Toner is suitable for all skin types, but especially suited for normal and dry skin.

Here are some tips to get you started with your toner routine:

  • Gently swipe a saturated cotton pad across your skin every morning and evening after cleansing (don’t forget your ears!)
  • If your toner has a spray dispenser, spray the toner on a cotton pad rather than spraying skin (this not only allows for more control of where the toner is applied, but the wiping action of the pad is necessary to remove impurities)
  • Use reusable cotton rounds as an eco-conscious alternative to disposable cotton

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